Get your best basement

Reclaim your home’s square footage with a smart basement remodel.

Major benefits now, major equity later

There are so many good reasons to remodel or refinish your basement. Beyond providing your family additional space, a basement remodel can bolster the appraisal value of your home. A well-done, well-priced renovation or finish-out is well worth the investment.

Basement remodeling pricing

When it comes to pricing a remodeling project, costs are primarily driven by material selections and scope of work. While there are lots of factors to consider, you can estimate rough remodeling costs by taking the square footage of the space you are wanting to remodel and applying the following pricing:
$100-$150 per square foot
$150-$200 per square foot
$200+ per square foot

Our remodeling

From start to finish, we strive to make the remodeling process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.
Step 1


We will schedule a 30-60 minute video call to better understand your vision. If you are able to share photos which communicate what you truly want for your project, all the better.

Our goal for this meeting is to hear you, build our relationship, and provide you with rough pricing to help you get a realistic picture of your options.
Step 2


If the rough pricing is acceptable, we will come out and do a site visit and meet you in person. Here, we'll do a site walkthrough and take detailed measurements so that we can scope the project. Occasionally (depending on the scope and complexity) we may bring our designer along.

Depending on the complexity of your project there will be a $250-$1000 fee at this time to cover the cost of preparing plans and a detailed bid for the project. This fee applies to your final construction costs.
Step 3


We take our notes from the site visit and prepare a detailed proposal and schedule for your project, which is provided promptly for your consideration.

If you agree to our proposal, a detailed schedule and work plan will be sent to you for signature. Once we've received a signed agreement and your 10% deposit, we will get your project onto our production calendar.
Step 4


We order your project materials about a month prior to the construction kickoff. Typically, another 40% of the project cost becomes due at this time.

You will have access to our mobile app so that you can get detailed construction project reports weekly. Progress payments will be due as we hit milestones through the project. The JOE BUILDER construction team lead and your relationship manager will be with you every step of the way.
Step 5


After we finish, we do a detailed walkthrough with you and answer any questions you have about the work that's been done. Here, you are given the opportunity to sign off on every aspect of the project.

The final 10% of the project cost will be due after the walkthrough is completed and any remaining issues have been addressed.

Let’s reinvent your space.

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