Home Repair
You Can Count On.

Taking the hassle out of home improvement.

Reliable home maintenance on your schedule.

Home ownership can be extremely rewarding, but it comes with its own share of challenges. A major hurdle for many is keeping up with repairs around the house. Let JOE BUILDER shoulder that burden with our signature handyman service.

Our Home Repair Process

We’ve done our best to streamline the maintenance experience. From repair diagnostics to cost estimating, we’ll handle all the nitty-gritty details so you can handle the things in life that really matter.
Step 1

Handyman Consultation

When you sign up for the JOE BUILDER home repair program we start by scheduling a consultation. For a one-time fee of $150, we send one of our seasoned handymen to your home. He will get to know you and your space, walk through the house, listen to your concerns and compile a list of repairs you'd like to have done.
Step 2

Repair Punchlist

After the consultation, your handyman will generate a complete, totally customized list of repair projects for your home. This includes estimated completion times and estimated material costs for each repair identified. This list becomes our road map to keeping your house in working order.
Step 3

Project delivery

Materials will be purchased at the nearest hardware store or big box retailer and charged to your card on file after you have approved the project. You will pay the cost of the actual supplies and materials plus 30%. If we don’t have what we need to make the repair on hand, material pickups are one hour max.

save Money on regular home maintenance.

For homeowners with a lot on their plate (or with homes in need of extra attention) JOE BUILDER offers a convenient handyman subscription service. For $160 per month, you get two hours of repair work time, and only $25 for a trip charge!  Now that's a great deal.

Handyman subscribers also have the option to pay for additional service hours at the lower member rate of $80 per hour. This is a good option for those hoping to accelerate projects on your repair list. You can change the priority order of the repairs at any time.

Take care of that honey-do list

Don’t wait to start preventative maintenance and repair on your biggest asset. Our handyman service is available in most of the Twin Cities metro area. Fill out the form below to get your own personal handyman!