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We think transparency is important.

We’ve made a deliberate decision to be very transparent with our pricing. Many people don’t realize how much construction projects can cost, which leads to unpleasant surprises down the line

Here, we outline rough pricing so that you understand what to expect, whether you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel or estimating the cost of an addition on your house.

Basement Remodel

Standard |  $100-150/sq. ft.
Upgraded | $150-200/sq. ft.
High-End | $200+/sq. ft.

Bathroom Remodel

Standard |  $30-50,000
Upgraded | $50-70,000
High-End | $70,000+

Kitchen remodel

Standard |  $50-80,000
Upgraded | $80-100,000
High-End | $100,000+

Whole House Remodel

Standard |  $100-150/sq. ft.
Gut To Studs| $150-200/sq. ft.
Tear Down & Rebuild | $200-400/sq. ft.

new construction

New construction projects are quoted on a per-project basis. The figures below are general guidelines based on square footage of the finished house.

Rough pricing for new construction is $200-$400 per square foot depending on material choices. A mid-range home could be built for $200 per square foot (example 2,500 square foot home would be $500,000).

Standard |  $200-400/sq. ft. (depending on materials)


Because additions are more complicated (involving roof integration, siding integration and potentially excavation and foundations) the cost ranges from $200-$400 per square foot. we won’t do additions without architectural plans which are approximately 3-5% of the overall project cost and are generally required for permitting and before we start work.

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